5 Creative Seating Themes for Collaborative Work Environment

5 Creative Seating Themes for Collaborative Work Environment

Collaborative work space has been around for long, it’s just that some fundamental changes have crept in, to fit into the dynamic and agile working styles. Organizations look upon collaborative and teamwork as the pillars to set the ground for operational excellence and innovation. While operational excellence is related to process efficiencies like quick decision making by the respective individuals, the innovation is nurtured through social and creative interactions. No wonder the companies workspaces today are increasingly skewed towards a Co-working culture in order to create a sense of community, collaboration and learning amongst their employees.

Be it shared office desk & table, open spaces or other amenities, each form an integral part of collaborative solution that foster collective thinking and co-working spirit.

To ensure positive collaborative experience, facilitating productive engagements and social connections, the companies emphasize on a greater variety of collaborative work spaces. Here are some of the most popular collaborative seating space designs that promote right co-working ambiance and are followed by some of the most progressive companies across the world [1].

Theme #1: Newsroom Style - As the name suggests the concept is derived from the newsrooms of yesteryears, where cluster of desks and chairs were used for flexible and collaborative seating arrangement. Instead of burying their heads into their laptops, the employees in this type of set up are made to sit face-to-face and develop ideas and solutions together. The space design is perfect for any work where communication is the key. So, be it impromptu meeting or strategy discussion over coffee people can sit together to ideate and brainstorm. Such space designs are created by using cluster of desks, both large and small, sets of elliptical chairs and some bean bags spread around to supplement the seating options.

Theme#2: Enclave Seating - Certain tasks at office require more privacy and peaceful environment. Be it one-to-one interview or important meetings with clients, enclave seating is a must-have in every office space.  Arranged within the premise of larger collaborative space, the enclave seating allows easy access to the main office area and at the same time provides the comfort of holding confidential meetings without any distractions. This type of seating features a smaller or bigger enclosed space with desk-height meeting table and comfortable seating arrangements, with plenty of power slots and docking station arrangements for handful of persons to work with ease.

Theme# 3: Semi-Open Team Enclosures - Team enclosures are an office layout option that provides a private space for each team working on a particular project. Individual team enclosures allow the members to work together without losing focus and getting distracted by external disturbances. This office layout is essentially required for businesses where many teams are working on multiple projects like an advertising agency with sales teams and creative teams working on different campaigns. The set up ideally features long sofas and tables with one or two privacy screens, whiteboards and other facilities that contribute towards result-oriented collective work.

Theme # 4: Social Seating Space - As more time in office is spent online, spaces that foster face-to-face connection are increasingly valuable. The social seating space offers a relaxed corner where employees get the opportunity to interact with each other. Deviating from work-only areas with traditional office table and chair set, social seating space features cozy couches, bar-height stools and tables with built-in charging ports, and low coffee table that create a comfortable environment for productive interactions. Certain companies even prefer bringing their clients into these spaces, making them feel closer to their brand and building stronger relationships.

Theme 5 #: All Hand on Deck Seating - When it comes to important meetings involving larger groups of people, the assembly seating design can serve the purpose right. Wide open space, along with display surfaces/projection equipment, long conference tables and plenty of chairs are the highlights of the assembly seating arrangement. The space also encompasses storage units, refreshment carts and other facilities that meet the needs of the attendees.

In today’s scenario when changing technologies and working styles are continuously redefining collaborative workspaces, employing flexible arrangement should be the focal point. Be it desk clusters or lounge chairs, bar-height stools or tables, the success of any collaborative set up depends upon how well it has been incorporated within your office layout. So, if your company values collaborative work culture, the above mentioned office design ideas can definitely help you create the right work environment for your workforce.

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