4 Elements to Keep Millennials Happy & High Performing at Your Workplace

4 Elements to Keep Millennials Happy & High Performing at Your Workplace

We are living in a time when the modern workplace is heavily shaped by the Millennials. A study conducted by Bentley University numbers working millennials to 86 million by 2020. As Millennials continue to grab a larger chunk    of the marketplace, companies are altering themselves to meet the needs of their growing employee group.

A recent IPSOS study revealed that 76% of millennials base their happiness on things such as the office workstation design among other aesthetic factors. Taking a cue, another study conducted by the Oxford university’s Saïd Business School concluded that happy employees are likely to be 13% more productive by being more creative, innovative, and dedicated. They’re also more likely to stick around for a long time. In light of these facts & findings, companies need to create workspaces that emphasize wellness, productivity and areas for comfortable collaboration if they want to retain their millennial talent.

What does the ‘Millennial’ kind of a workplace  comprise of?

There are a few things that keep millennials happy at their workplace. They can be summed up as follows:

1. Healthy lifestyle = Happy lifestyle

Millennials are fond of a healthy lifestyle and are always on the lookout for an organisation that resonates with their liking - an employer who values health and provides the right work-life balance. A workplace with outdoor seating areas, abundant foliage cover and sufficient sunlight are a great happiness magnet for the millennials. A subset of this is healthy eating. Many workplaces do provide packaged food on the floor, but health is generally not the priority. Coming up with healthy eating options for the employees can create a workforce which does not ‘call in sick’ often.

2. A flexible & collaborative office space

Millennials seek communication, flexibility and personalization in the way they work. According to the Bentley study, 51% of Millennials prefer to speak to colleagues in person. Lack of communication often makes the employees feel dull and morose. On the other hand, talking too much can also result in less focus on work and disturbance for other employees. The right office design should balance communication and productivity to occur simultaneously. Incorporate quirkiness in your open workplace   with things such as a brightly lit modular conference table and breakout rooms for power naps.

3. Staying with the times

Millennials are the generation that has been quick and dynamic in adapting to the rapid technological advancements like no other generation before. Hence, they expect this technological adaption at their workplace too. Presenting different technology options will eventually impact their productivity levels and work ethic and reinstate their faith in the company’s future.

4. A contemporary mix of aesthetic and ergonomic

Who would not be delighted to work in a place which is charming and comfortable? An attention-grabbing workplace covers all areas from furnishing, convenience, comfort, to lighting and colour schemes. The way your office looks is an important part of a lasting impression your company makes, not only on your employees but also clients. Go for an ergonomic office chair and a height-adjustable table that would satisfy the contemporary appetites of your employees and take care of their health too.

There seems to be considerable room for development when it comes to maintaining the happiness of employees while they are at work. Happy workers do not need to work more hours than their discontented colleagues — they simply get more productive within their time at work. Employers can exercise proactiveness by implementing a few changes at the workplace and reap the benefits of a newly developed positive attitude immediately. In the end, It’s not just about millennials actually; it’s about us humans. We all need to feel valued, recognized, trusted, and cared for to be happy and productive.

The future of offices will be a workplace where employees rate ‘happiness quotient’ above other traditional factors such as pay grades and proximity. If companies wish to attract & retain the best of workforce, they need to learn the art of keeping their employees happy where workplace design plays a central role. HNI believes in a collaborative approach to designing ‘happy’ workplaces, customized for every client. HNI India, the leading office furniture manufacturer  , comes with years of expertise to understand your exact requirement and provide bespoke furniture solutions. Contact HNI India today!