3 Key Considerations To Setup An Ideal Training Room

3 Key Considerations To Setup An Ideal Training Room

In today’s market, you will find a plethora of office workstation units and office equipment to set up your training rooms. But before you make your purchases, you need to understand that a training room is only efficient if it facilitates a dynamic and nurturing learning environment for you trainees.

As far as training programs go, you have an ultimate agenda that require your employees to behave and act in a certain way that would accomplish your goals.  You need to create an environment that allows them to dedicate 100% of their attention, and keeps them comfortable throughout long sessions.

Speaking of comfort, choosing the right kind of furniture is critical for your training sessions.  A typical training session involves a lot of interactive talks, group discussions and ad-hoc activities. So your furniture needs to be movable, ergonomic and easily foldable. Along with the furniture, you also need to consider the use of various audio and visual aids like projector systems, sound systems and other tech equipment. This helps you in setting up an interactive ecosystem that allows you to easily engage with your employees/trainees and in turn, keep them thoroughly engaged in the training.

It needs to be a holistic strategy, that is put together piece by piece. That’s how your ideal training room will come to life. So here are 3 key considerations for setting up a training room:

1. Furniture- The core of your training room set up!

Tables and chairs are the core of your training room equipment. A typical training session involves a lot of interactive talks, group discussions and ad-hoc activities.  To accommodate all of these in a smooth and seamless fashion, your training furniture needs to be easily movable, storable and manoeuvrable. This saves you a lot of time on rearranging furniture and makes the entire area more accessible. Specifically, your office tables and chair set should be lightweight and have the ability to fold or nest to save space. Folding or nesting must be accomplished via user-friendly mechanisms; as the use of tools is not an option because it reduces the speed at which space can be changed.

Here are some products from HNI that can be ideal for your training rooms:

    1. Limber chairs (rolling)


    2. Lyric chairs (chairs with writing pads)


    3. Mant-O


    4. Relate


2. Tech Equipment- The heart of your training room setup!

When it comes to technology, the training room must have it all: ceiling-mounted projector with remote, wireless microphone and laser pointer. All this technology offers trainers flexibility in terms of lesson delivery, such as allowing interactive collaboration, reviewing past lessons etc. All the more, it makes the training room environment more engaging and dynamic for the trainees. We recommend the use of these tech equipment for training rooms.

  1. • Remote controlled Projector
  2. • Sound-systems/Home theater systems
  3. • Hands-free microphones
  4. • Large-format screens
  5. • Laser pointers

3. Lighting- The essence of your training room setup

As a training room needs to be dynamic and a lively environment, lighting should also be well thought of. As most things are done on technology [laptops, screens etc.], it is best to optimize the ambient lighting of the room so that there is no glare on the screens or difficulties in reading or viewing the material being displayed on the screen. We recommend the use of dimmable lighting for training rooms.

Training rooms are environments where people meet, share ideas and collaborate. Since they are intended to accommodate such a wide range of activities, these rooms must be designed for complete flexibility. These fundamentals will help plan a flexible and a complete training room for all types training programs.

In regards to the office furniture, tables and chairs are the biggest factor of how efficiently a space is utilized. For flexibility, they must have the ability to move quickly and easily, both to create different layouts and for storage. Get in touch with HNI India, one of the leading office furniture manufacturers in India, to get more ideas on what more can be done for your training programs.