Essentials That Complete Your Office Desk Space

10 Essentials That Complete Your Office Desk Space

An office desk is a place where you devote most of your time, even more than the time spent on your own bed. Plus, this is also the space that requires you to be your productive best. As such, it only makes sense to bring a bit of cheer and charm to your office workstation if you want to enjoy what you do. A ‘well-equipped’ work desk can help to make your work environment less chaotic and more pleasant. Listed below are 10 essentials that must be there at your office desk.

1. Easily Accessible Power Supply

Having electricity is the most essential and rather obvious requirement of any desk job today. A typical office desk includes a computer system, a telephone, a lamp, etc. As such, you require a plug point nearby in order to avoid long strings of wires. You don’t want to be charging your phone at a distant point, only to get up and travel every time your phone rings.

2. A Desk Calendar

Having a calendar on your desktop is all good, but nothing can beat the convenience and charm of flipping the pages of a physical calendar. Mark those important meeting dates, holidays, upcoming events, and leaves using a nice thick red marker. This should help you get more organized and meet deadlines. It also serves the purpose of random staring at the images on each month. And guess what, a table calendar never even runs out of battery.

3. A Tiny Succulent

Dress up your desk with an indoor plant such as a cactus. Cacti are very simple to grow and require little care and knowhow. They only need a small amount of water about every 10 days or so but good drainage is a must. A variety such as an Aloe, an Albuca or a Kalanchoe can bring an amazing positivity to your desk.

4. Some Munch Ons and Water

When you sit for 8 hours in one place, you are bound to get hungry. Of course, there are official lunch & snack breaks, but It is quite important to keep yourself hydrated with frequent small sips of water throughout the day. You also need to have a light snack around for maintaining that energy. You can always keep some fruits or a bag of nuts for some healthy fats and vitamins that will provide your body with sustainable energy.

5. A Tissue Box, a Hand Sanitizer, and A Face Wash

Living in any of the densely populated cities of India is a tough job. While traveling from home to office, you touch several objects which may certainly contain germs. Even at the office, you touch your keyboard, shake hands with your fellow mates, twist the doorknobs, etc. And after all this, you open up that pack of snacks and without a second thought, insert the same hands into your mouth. Needless to say, it is always safe to have a little bottle of sanitizer at your desk to keep you fresh and healthy. And if you ever have a cold and sneeze, a tissue nearby would come handy!

6. Mint or a Mouth Freshener:

You never want to be the one with the bad breath when meeting a client or talking with your colleagues. A packet of mint or mouth fresheners in your office drawer is ‘THE’ most hygienic thing you can have. This can surely save your day!

7. A Note Pad & A Pen

This is definitely a must-have for your desk. Any meeting, presentation, client meeting and conference without a notebook and pen is highly unprofessional. A note pad helps you to jot down all those fabulous ideas that you get while listening to the presentation, talking to your client or having a conference.

8. A Cup For Holding Stationery

If you have a pen, stapler, eraser, marker, etc lying around your desk, a cup can be a good place to house all of them.

9. A Drawer/Locker

Every Office table   should have a drawer. A drawer helps declutter your workspace and create an organized environment. Dumping the ‘not so important’ things in your drawer helps free your mind from unnecessary distractions and focus on your most important work.

10. Ergonomic Furniture

While concentrating on the desk, we tend to forget the most essential element of work, the work posture. In order to maintain a healthy seating position, you need to have an ergonomic chair that would adjust itself according to the table height. The cherry on the top would be to also have a height adjustable table. A height adjustable table enables you to change your position and switch between sitting and standing, giving you the best & healthiest work experience.

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