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Aligning and Designing Work Set-Up for Winning Your Employees

Aligning and Designing Work Set-Up for Winning Your Employees

Building success stories on pre-established reputation might not be applicable in current scenario. Today is the era of a highly competitive market where you have to prove yourself every day. It’s the high performing employees that can play a pivotal in helping you achieve your organizational bottom line and stay ahead in the race. But, the question is how to inspire and motivate these employees to continue to give their best. The solution lies in creating positive and comfortable work environment and adopting sound human management practices.
From setting up of comfortable office workstation to adhering to employee-centric HR policies, multiple factors come into play in winning the employees loyalty and in turn, improving their commitment towards their work.

A holistic approach towards workplace design and work culture can elevate the work experience of the people and contribute significantly towards achieving the set targets without fail. Here we have enlisted some of the fundamental elements that when given due consideration can keep your employees /staff inspired, motivated and connected from the very onset.

Ways to Create Productive & Positive Work Environment:

Consider Overall Office Layout: In modern times, the demand for open, flexible spaces that promote mobility has risen substantially. These spaces encourage collaborative work environment and foster relationships in employees. However, the need for designating private, individual workspaces for works, calls and meetings that need privacy should not be ignored. Well-designed workspaces give employees the flexibility to think and work in a quiet and peaceful environment, along with the option to collaborate and ideate in areas designed for discussions and brainstorming. So, plan your layout carefully that creates harmonious perfect work environment.

Unlock the Power of Natural Light and Ventilation: Apart from installing indoor lights at strategic points ensure ingress of natural light in your office. Natural light not only improves health and wellness of employees but is also believed to enhance creativity. Keep your office space well-ventilated. Good ventilation improves air quality by making it allergen and pollutant-free and contributes towards boosting the cognitive ability of employees.

Add Freshness of Green: Incorporating plants and greenery is also a positive step that you must consider. It not just adds freshness to your workspace but also alleviates mood of the people around it. Researchers suggest that when individuals connect with nature there is a shift in their brain processing mode that makes them feel more relaxed and focused [1]. It’s one sure-fire way to distress your employees and inspire productivity intrinsically

Improve Aesthetics: Aesthetical aspect of your workspace is instrumental in uplifting the mood of the employees and developing a connection with them. A bright, vibrant, comfortable, well-organized space boosts productivity and invariably has a beneficial psychological impact on employees. Adorn walls with company accomplishments, awards and credential displays, excellence graphs as it adds warmth to space. Aesthetic elements not only create positivity and pleasing work environment but also play a vital role in branding. It creates a sense of identity and credibility in the organization.

Choose Right Furniture: Get Furniture that provides neutral posture comfort to the user. Office table and chair set that are used regularly by the staff should have ergonomic features. Chairs with backrest up to the shoulder and an armrest to support the forearm can offer the desired comfort to the user. Considering the long hours at the desk, chairs with convexity near the lower back are recommended. The office desk should also be around the elbow level, allowing the shoulders to elevate or lean forward to work. Leaving enough space between furniture is also important to facilitate better movement.

Integrate Fun with Work: Create lively spaces and rejuvenation zones like cafes, games room and gym to help employees unwind and get re-energized. Allowing games and fun activities allows the employees to de-stress and makes them more productive. Taking “short-breaks” of a couple minutes throughout the day enables them to return to work with a fresh mind and better attitude.

Adopt Fair Employee Policy: Encourage, reward and recognize your employee’s endeavors. Offering a good package is not enough, motivate them through recognition and appreciation. Your encouragement will make them happy and inspire them to deliver their best.

A workspace that connects with the needs of your employees and keeps them motivated sets the ground for improved performance. Be it something as basic as using ergonomic office furniture, providing proper parking facilities etc or something more complex like building pro-active work culture & employing strategic HR policies, it is always good to opt for an employee-oriented approach that ultimately falls in line with the organization’s growth objective.



Aligning and Designing Work Set-Up for Winning Your Employees

Ergonomics Investment Adds up to Your Company’s Bottom-line

We’ve all heard of the adage, Time is Money; similarly, for smart businesses today, Ergonomic benefits mean Economic benefits.

There have often been reports suggesting that the absence of the right ergonomic approach in an office environment has long-term financial implications. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, for every dollar invested in employee safety, there are savings between three to six dollars[1].  The investment made on workforce well-being and safety pays dividends in terms of worker’s compensation, insurance cost as well as enhanced employee productivity, morale and not to forget employee retention.

Why Investment in Ergonomics is not an Expense?

Investing in ergonomics including modular office furniture, for several organizations represent significant expenditure that they prefer to procrastinate. But technically it is an on-going commitment as opposed to the one-time effort that offers enough benefits against the spending. From the way workstations are set up to something as simple as taking a break, workplace ergonomics integration and its awareness doesn't require hefty expenditure, it is merely a consistent and long-term effort that sets the tone for optimal performance and growth of the employees.

Return on investment is a widely used business tool to measure the ratio of profit or loss relative to the company’s cost.  When properly introduced and managed, ergonomic improvements in workspaces can bring in significant ROI. Want to know how? The typical approach is to compare the financial benefits and outcomes to the cost of the product or process being considered.

For instance, if an employee loses even a few-minutes of productivity every day due to discomfort and pain, it may amount to something more significant at the end of the year. Moreover, the compensation loss caused due to work-related physical injuries further contributes to the financial burden on your budget.

Do you know how much more productive your employee could be if you increase his/her comfort?  Investment in a more comfortable office chair or a height-adjustable table and workstation can curb the loss of productivity and ultimately result in enhanced efficiency. It is a smart investment that organizations must not miss out on!

Earn Employees’ Commitment with Ergonomics

In the current economic environment investing in ergonomic improvements is just the right move to keep your employees geared up. You can introduce ergonomic chairs with intuitive parts so that the seat, backrest, and armrests better accommodate the user and provide them with the desired comfort during their working hours. Moreover, some investment in height-adjustable keyboard trays and other appropriate ergonomic arrangements can help workers improve their focus on work, leading to optimal work performance.

Companies applying ergonomics in work culture are likely to witness the ripple effect of the benefits. When an organization adopts a proactive approach towards the well-being of the workforce, it creates higher levels of job satisfaction and inspires higher commitment levels among the employees. They develop a positive attitude towards their organization which yields a variety of benefits, including decreased turnover rates, better work quality, and improved outputs.

Owing to the higher employee engagement, satisfaction and productivity, the company is in a position to build a strong brand identity and corporate reputation that strengthens its competitive position in the respective industry.

Ergonomics at HNI India

As more and more corporate houses are waking up to the need for ergonomic office set up, we at HNI India are dedicated to providing the best ergonomic solutions. Our endeavors are directed towards improving the existing features and incorporating an innovative approach for creating products that facilitate a healthier and happier workforce. Our wide range of office furniture like height adjustable table, office desk, ergonomic chair, etc. is designed and crafted by the experts who bring in cost-effective ergonomics to the masses and contribute towards improving the work environment.

Irrespective of your industry type, it’s vital to take ergonomics seriously. Look into developing a comprehensive ergonomics program today and attain a positive impact on your bottom line!


Essentials That Complete Your Office Desk Space

10 Essentials That Complete Your Office Desk Space

An office desk is a place where you devote most of your time, even more than the time spent on your own bed. Plus, this is also the space that requires you to be your productive best. As such, it only makes sense to bring a bit of cheer and charm to your office workstation if you want to enjoy what you do. A ‘well-equipped’ work desk can help to make your work environment less chaotic and more pleasant. Listed below are 10 essentials that must be there at your office desk.

1. Easily Accessible Power Supply

Having electricity is the most essential and rather obvious requirement of any desk job today. A typical office desk includes a computer system, a telephone, a lamp, etc. As such, you require a plug point nearby in order to avoid long strings of wires. You don’t want to be charging your phone at a distant point, only to get up and travel every time your phone rings.

2. A Desk Calendar

Having a calendar on your desktop is all good, but nothing can beat the convenience and charm of flipping the pages of a physical calendar. Mark those important meeting dates, holidays, upcoming events, and leaves using a nice thick red marker. This should help you get more organized and meet deadlines. It also serves the purpose of random staring at the images on each month. And guess what, a table calendar never even runs out of battery.

3. A Tiny Succulent

Dress up your desk with an indoor plant such as a cactus. Cacti are very simple to grow and require little care and knowhow. They only need a small amount of water about every 10 days or so but good drainage is a must. A variety such as an Aloe, an Albuca or a Kalanchoe can bring an amazing positivity to your desk.

4. Some Munch Ons and Water

When you sit for 8 hours in one place, you are bound to get hungry. Of course, there are official lunch & snack breaks, but It is quite important to keep yourself hydrated with frequent small sips of water throughout the day. You also need to have a light snack around for maintaining that energy. You can always keep some fruits or a bag of nuts for some healthy fats and vitamins that will provide your body with sustainable energy.

5. A Tissue Box, a Hand Sanitizer, and A Face Wash

Living in any of the densely populated cities of India is a tough job. While traveling from home to office, you touch several objects which may certainly contain germs. Even at the office, you touch your keyboard, shake hands with your fellow mates, twist the doorknobs, etc. And after all this, you open up that pack of snacks and without a second thought, insert the same hands into your mouth. Needless to say, it is always safe to have a little bottle of sanitizer at your desk to keep you fresh and healthy. And if you ever have a cold and sneeze, a tissue nearby would come handy!

6. Mint or a Mouth Freshener:

You never want to be the one with the bad breath when meeting a client or talking with your colleagues. A packet of mint or mouth fresheners in your office drawer is ‘THE’ most hygienic thing you can have. This can surely save your day!

7. A Note Pad & A Pen

This is definitely a must-have for your desk. Any meeting, presentation, client meeting and conference without a notebook and pen is highly unprofessional. A note pad helps you to jot down all those fabulous ideas that you get while listening to the presentation, talking to your client or having a conference.

8. A Cup For Holding Stationery

If you have a pen, stapler, eraser, marker, etc lying around your desk, a cup can be a good place to house all of them.

9. A Drawer/Locker

Every Office table   should have a drawer. A drawer helps declutter your workspace and create an organized environment. Dumping the ‘not so important’ things in your drawer helps free your mind from unnecessary distractions and focus on your most important work.

10. Ergonomic Furniture

While concentrating on the desk, we tend to forget the most essential element of work, the work posture. In order to maintain a healthy seating position, you need to have an ergonomic chair that would adjust itself according to the table height. The cherry on the top would be to also have a height adjustable table. A height adjustable table enables you to change your position and switch between sitting and standing, giving you the best & healthiest work experience.

If you are looking for the best office furniture in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad to satisfy your office needs, visit and select from a range of options to suit your needs.

Obesity and Office Ergonomics

Obesity and Office Ergonomics

As an average employee, you spend most of your hours, sitting at the office desk, fixing your gaze on one of the multiple displays from your PC to your phone. And while you are at it, you also need something to munch on to keep you fueled. Add to it, the artificial environment viz. the stale air rotated by the air conditioner, the plastic plants decorating your office workstation and the dull white LED lights which are an attempt at replacing the natural sunlight your body actually needs. Even the lunch & tea breaks serve no benefit for you except that you fill your bellies and add to your corporate fat deposits. Minimum movements and a lot of sitting and slouching around in a relatively unhealthy environment, brews a perfect recipe for obesity. This sedentary lifestyle also leads to other health hazards such as sluggish metabolism, high blood pressure, heart conditions and a predisposition to diabetes.

Obesity also can impact self-esteem, motivation, absenteeism, premature mortality and more. To counter the growing obesity among employees, office furniture plays an important role.

Obesity and Sitting Position

Obesity leads to the formation of disproportionate dimensions of the human body, which prohibit normal basic work postures such as sitting on a desk chair or typing on a keyboard. Even the basic necessary tasks put the workers at an ergonomically unsound and high-risk position. The extra layers of adipose or fatty tissues in the buttocks and thighs form a cushion beneath their body and elevates an obese worker in their seats, causing them to sit high in a chair. This causes the chair’s lumbar to fall lower than the back and also causes the spine to tilt forward thereby preventing contact of the back with the backrest. Without enough support to the lower back, the lower spine flattens causing the shoulders to droop forward and the pelvis to rotate backward, such that the tailbone curves down under the body. This slouch introduces added stress on the lower back and pelvis, upper back, shoulders, and neck, already stressed by the excess body weight.

What is a proper seating posture?

  • The chair height should be such that your feet stay flat on the floor and your knees are in line or slightly lower with your hips
  • The sitting posture should be straight with your chest and hips stretching out
  • The back of the chair should be reclined at an approximate angle of 100,110 degrees
  • The sitting position should be an arm's length away from our computer screen
  • The shoulders should be relaxed while typing

While even the best ergonomic chair can only be helpful when the posture is correct, the problem in sitting can be resolved using the right kind of office table and chair set. An ergonomic chair with intuitive controls auto corrects your posture so that you do not take extra efforts to keep your body right. A chair with a higher load-bearing capacity and a more open seating space should be made available for optimum support along with the desired comfort. The lumbar support should be movable in order to custom position it to contact the lower back curve surface when set at a  . The armrest should also have enough height leverage as obese people tend to sit higher and may need the armrest at a higher altitude to place their arms.

Obesity and Typing

Obese workers frequently encounter discomfort while using the keyboard as compared to normal-weight individuals. This is because their arms and wrists are surrounded by the excess fat which obstructs the way to smoother functioning and swift movements. While sitting, an obese person’s shoulders are in an   position with upper arms and elbows angled away from the body rather than staying perpendicular to the floor. Whenever using the keyboard, the obese individual will have to angle their wrists in an awkward position such that the forearm muscles are stretched out and the tendons are squeezed because of the wrist angle. Over a period of time, the tendons in the elbow and wrist may sustain injuries.

Physiologists have always been of the opinion that standing up about every 20 minutes, even for only a minute or two, reduces your risks of developing diabetes and heart disease. By occasionally standing in your place, you allow the big muscles in your legs and back to contract, leading to an increase in certain enzymes that break up fat in the blood stream. An additional perk of standing/moving up every 20 to 30 minutes is that your body burns calories, so you don’t gain as much weight from sitting at the office most of the day.

Height adjustable desks can be effective for such postural difficulties. Employees can work alternating between sitting and standing. They give greater flexibility to the user to adjust the keyboard position by adjusting the table itself thereby avoiding the need to adjust and twist your arms and pronate your wrists. Height Adjustable tables can adjust the desk to view their screens at an optimal angle.

Height adjustable desks can be effective for such postural difficulties. Employees can work alternating between sitting and standing. They give greater flexibility to the user to adjust the keyboard position by adjusting the table itself thereby avoiding the need to adjust and twist your arms and pronate your wrists. Height adjustable table can adjust the desk to view their screens at an optimal angle.

The Height adjustable desks from HNI India support a range of different working styles and positions for obese people, allowing them to work both at sitting and standing heights. HNI is the world’s leading office furniture manufacturer for ergonomic furnitures to suit all body types. If you are looking for an ergonomic office chair, office tables, or any other office furniture, visit HNI India.